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It took me some time to decide to add a dedicated page about our “haunted B&B.”  Yes, we do live in one. Initially, I was worried that making it public could have driven away potential guests or maybe we would be laughed at for suggesting the home was haunted.  Since we had just opened, I didn’t want to jeopardize the new business in any way.


I decided to do some research about Savannah and I discovered that we live in one of the most haunted cities in the United States.  People come here from all over the world to experience paranormal activities.  Most of the Inns and Bed and Breakfasts in Savannah have dedicated pages on their websites advertising their properties as “Haunted B&Bs.” There are also numerous ghost tours in town and they are always sold out. In addition to that, some of our guests have experienced some paranormal activity while staying with us and I have been explicitly asked if we have ghosts in the house. Since it’s something I don’t have control over, and I don’t want to lie, I decided to write about our Haunted B&B. 


Let's start from the beginning and let me tell you the story of how my husband Hans, our dog Bruno, and I discovered that we are living in a haunted house.


When we arrived in Savannah on July 4th, 2022, we had no idea that the house was haunted, but it took us only a few days to find that out. We experienced lights going on and off randomly in one of the guestrooms (“Bruno’s Room”) and sometimes heard footsteps coming from the attic. Surprisingly, it was not scary at all! Hans and I even joked about it saying “Can you imagine if we have ghosts in the house?”, "are they going to pay the electric bill, since they like playing with the lights?".


Often we would just walk into Bruno's Room and find the lights or the fan on. We also found the lights going off and on in the middle of the night.  At first, we thought it was an electric glitch since the central lights and fans in every bedroom are activated by a remote control. However, when it started to happen more often, we realized that it could be more than just an electrical issue.


Coincidentally, we learned that one of our neighbors runs a "paranormal investigation company" and they have all the state-of-the-art equipment to do proper investigations: spirit boxes, wide spectrum cameras, high-def recorders, etc. (Just like those tv series that we all have watched at least once in our life!) Once we got to know them, we asked if they wanted to investigate our house.  They said yes right away and they conducted many investigations over the summer while we were doing renovations on the home. We have registered lots of activity and collected responses from the ghosts, especially in the backroom closet which is directly below Bruno’s room underneath the staircase.


So far, we have evidence that there are at least two ghosts in the house, one named “Regina” on the first floor and one named “Michael” in Bruno’s Room.

Haunted B&B


We first discovered “Regina” during an investigation. We asked different questions including “what’s your name?”. The answer came through the spirit box nice and clear: “Regina”. Kris, the owner of the paranormal investigation company googled the name of the first owner of the home “Michael O’Driscoll.” (His name is engraved on the plaque on our front porch issued by the Historic Foundation Savannah). We found out that Michael had a wife “Mary” and three children: Estella, Desmond, and Regina! At that point we were excited by the new discovery and we also googled Regina O’Driscoll and we found out that she was born in 1895 and passed away in 1964 and she is buried at the Catholic Cemetery here in Savannah! We don’t know why she is still here in the home. Is she stuck? We are still performing investigations hoping to find out more.


As far as Michael, we don’t know a lot about him. We know his name because his voice also came through the spirit box saying "Michael.” We also know that he sounds like a middle-aged man with a thick Southern accent, and that he is the one “playing” with the lights in Bruno’s Room. He answered “I did” when we asked “Is that you playing with the lights in this room?”.



If you are intrigued by these stories and want to know more, feel free to ask us when you stay at our Bed and Breakfast, I have more stories I can share. 


We love Savannah and our new home and we believe that Savannah and the paranormal world are deeply intertwined. There's a nice vibe in this house, and all our guests have told us how enjoyable their stay has been. 


So, if you are into ghosts &  paranormal tours you may want to stay in Bruno's Room or maybe book a tour with our "paranormal friends" (see link below). If you are not particularly fond of ghosts, you may not even notice that the house is haunted but you will enjoy your stay with us! You will love the savory breakfast I will be cooking for you every morning and you can enjoy a wonderful soak in the brand-new hot tub in our backyard. 


Either way, we hope you have a wonderful stay with us, and we'll do our best to make your vacation in Savannah the best you've ever had!

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